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Saturday, January 6
I heard Muc the Worm practising his trumpet yesterday afternoon. He is practising for the talent show. Of course Muc isn't the only entertainment. We need lots of music and entertainment for such a big event. I am going to write a letter to The Boxcar Snail Orchestra, a popular bluegrass band. I know they will want to play at the Jamboree!

Thursday, January 4
While the Snail Jamboree is lots of fun, many people don't realize how much work it is to host such a large event. We're going to have over 4000 snails attending, and since most of them are from out of town, we have to plan very carefully. Where will the snails sleep? What will they eat? Is there enough drinking water for so many snails? I've decided to join the planning committee. The Jamboree is only a few months away, so there is lots of work to be done, but I think we can have lots of fun too!

Monday, January 1
It's a new year, and everyone is excited. This spring Tiny Village is going to host the Snail Jamboree. Snails will come from all over the countryside, to celebrate, and share ideas. It's also a lot of fun, because we play sports, and games, and participate in talent shows. Maybe Muc will play his trumpet. Essi is on the planning committee. I'm going to ask her what I can do to help.

Friday, November 3

Thanks goes to Essi for filling in for me while I was sick. Thanks to Philip for the delicious alphabet soup. Thanks to Sam for the nice "get well" card. And thanks to Muc for bringing over some comic books for me to read. Super Snail was my favourite. It made me think about drawing my own comic book. Maybe a comic book about my friends in Tiny Village, or maybe I could draw a comic about Carol Bird. Carol runs a taxi service in the mountains (you may have read about her already). I'll bet she has lots of adventures in the sky.

Wednesday, October 4
It's Essi Snail here. Funtimes asked me to write this blog, because he has a cold. He's staying home in bed. Philip firefly made some alphabet soup, to help him feel better. Funtimes spelled out, "THANK YOU," with the pasta letters. It seems like he's feeling better already.

Thursday, September 14
The Shell Wash was a great success. Even though it was free, many came with extra donations for the school, including birch-bark paper, and sculpting clay. We use sculptures not only for art, but also to explain what something looks like. That's how I know that dinosaurs have big tails and tall necks. I enjoyed listening to Maggie Moth's happy karaoke song. She has a pretty voice.

Tuesday, September 12
Muc the Worm is full of good ideas. Since most residents of Tiny Village have shells, we could have a free Shell Wash. I think it's a great idea. The rain doesn't always take off the tough stains. If we use soap, everybody's shell will be shiny and clean. This event will be held on Saturday, so if you want your shell wash, come down to the school area between 10:00 and 2:00. We will also set up a karaoke booth, so there will be lots of music and fun, even if you don't have a shell.

Monday, September 11
Now the summer is ending, and the snails are returning to school. Muc and I have really improved our mathematics by studying a little bit each day. I think everybody is ready for school, but there is one problem; The school doesn't have enough pencils and books for everybody. This is because there are a few more students than last year. The School Principal has asked the community for donations, and many folks are happy to give. The teachers and the students are very grateful, and we want to give something back. What could we offer Tiny Village?

Thursday, September 7

Oh boy, what a fun summer we had. The festival was three days long this year, and each day was sunny, except one afternoon when it started to rain. But Essi was prepared this year. She made a large tent, and everyone could stay dry. There was art on the wall to look at. There are many talented artists in Tiny Village. My favourite was a crayon picture called “Large Large Mountain at Dawn.” I’m usually asleep at that time, so I don’t see the real Large Large Mountain at dawn.

There was another picture called “Busy Snail.” Muc said it looked a lot like me, but I disagreed. The snail in the picture had a larger shell.

Sunday, March 12
Spring isn't here yet, but I decided to do a little spring cleaning today anyway. I had so much free time recently, that I didn't mind doing a bit of work. I cleaned up my area, and then I picked up some litter in the community. Some of my neighbours started to pitch in too, but I never asked them to. They must like cleaning.

Saturday, March 11
Another adventure happened in February. There was an ice storm, and the ground became one big sheet of ice. Muc had trouble digging out of his house, which is under the ground. Essi, and I tried to dig a hole to try to help Muc, but it was too difficult. Luckily, Sam had the answer. He borrowed some salt from Firefly's Organic Take-out, and he sprinkled it on the ground near Muc's entrance. Salt caused the ice to melt, and then Muc could crawl out. We all went to Sam's for tea. We had a winter celebration. You don't need much for a winter celebration, just a few friends, but it adds to the fun if you have music and games. We played I spy with my little eye, and some other easy games which everyone knows. Muc played a little trumpet music near the end of the party. Essi clapped, and I stomped my feet. Sam hummed the melody, but I couldn't hear him very well, since the trumpet is quite loud.

Sunday, March 5

What a winter! It's been terribly cold in Tiny Village, and so Maggie Moth went on a long vacation. I was happy for her, but I was a bit disappointed that she couldn't help me write a blog. In the future, I hope to learn to do it by myself.

Well I have lots to tell you all. Even in the coldest months, Essi, Muc, and I had a few adventures. One adventure happened just after Christmas. We went cross-country skiing around the back of Large Large Mountain, and to the Dark Dark Caves. It seemed safe, but we became very cold, and we crawled into a cave to get warm. Unfortunately we made such a loud noise with our singing (we love to sing, when we are exercising), that we woke up Ms. Big Bear, who was sleeping in that cave with her family. Bears often sleep all winter long. It's called hibernating. Anyway, she was angry because we woke her up, and even Essi was scared.

Luckily, Ms. Big Bear calmed down, once we apologized. She even taught us a few words in Bear (the language of bears is called Bear). Most people call it growling, but actually the bears have a few different and interesting words. Muc asked her to mail us a CD and a book, so we could study at home by listening, and reading.

Sunday, September 18 Last night's dinner was delicious. Afterwards, we all went for a long walk, down Meandering Path. Nothing exciting happened, but I felt happy being with my friends. We stopped an hour out of Tiny Village, and Muc made a small campfire, where we rested and listened to the crickets sing.

Saturday, September 17

Fall is almost here, and the leaves are changing colours. Muc and I went to the radio station, and recorded a new Coconut Biscuits jingle. Some of the parents thought we should be advertising a healthier snack, such as carrots or celery. I do prefer carrots and celery to Coconut Biscuits. These vegetables are very crunchy, and fun to eat. The truth is I haven't eaten a Coconut Biscuit since our travels up Large Large Mountain. I still like the song, but I wonder if the Tiny Village parents have a good point. I'll think about that. Speaking of health foods, Essi Snail is ordering from Firefly's Organic Takeout tonight. Essi invited Betty, Muc, and me to join her for dinner.

Friday, August 26
There's nothing left to clean up today, but Sam invited me to his green apple house for some apple tea and told me more stories. Essi was walking by the house, and I called to her to come inside. Sam suggested that I do that. He's very hospitable. Essi told us how tidy Tiny Village seemed, and this made me feel proud, because I knew I had helped. Sam poured her a cup of tea. Later, he told us a story about how he found the top hat that he often wears. It was a great story, but too long to tell in one blog.

Thursday, August 25

Maggie Moth asked me to volunteer for the Tiny Village Clean Up Crew. I thought that picking up garbage would not be fun. Maggie is a volunteer herself, and she told me it could be fun, if you work in pairs. That way you have someone to talk to, and you might even meet somebody who can tell you good stories. Maggie reminded me that Tiny Village is a tidy place because of the volunteers, and cleaning up doesn't take very long, because everybody recycles their waste, instead of dropping it on the ground. However, sometimes things get messy after a big birthday party.
I worked with Sam, a worm you may know if you read about my adventures up Large Large Mountain. Sam is new in town, and he has many good stories to tell. We picked up popped balloon pieces, and birthday candles, which had fallen to the ground. As we worked, Sam told me a story of a dangerous trip he took across Large Lake. He travelled on the back of a hungry snapping turtle who likes to snap at small creatures for no good reason at all. Sam knew that this snapping turtle couldn't resist singing harmonies to Heavy Metal songs. As long as Sam kept singing, the turtle would sing along. Since the turtle couldn't sing and snap at the same time, Sam was safe. Imagine singing Heavy Metal all the way across Large Lake. Oh, boy...Sam has some good stories!

Thursday, August 4 It sure is a hot day. After lunch, Essi, Muc, and I were sipping lemonade at the picnic place, trying to think of a way to stay cool. The next think I knew, Muc had filled an acorn shell with water. He dumped the water over my head, and over Essi’s head too. Oh boy! That sure cooled us off! We tried to dump water on Muc’s head, but he disappeared into the ground. Since we were already wet, we decided to go down to Rolling River for a swim.

Wednesday, August 3

    Ms. Butterfly
I practised guitar for an hour before math class today. Some of the Tiny Village caterpillars sat around to listen. I played "Birthday's Are Fun" for Teddy, because he told me it was his birthday. I still had that song in my head when I sat in Math class, but I was careful not to sing aloud.
Teachers get angry if you sing during their lesson. My teacher is Ms. Butterfly. I like Ms. Butterly. Whenever someone needs help with a math problem, she can fly over very quickly and assist you. She is very patient.

Wednesday, July 6

Muc says he wasn't trying to scare us. He was practising a song for the next Tiny Village Summer Festival. He went into the woods because some of his neighbours were complaining about the noise. He realized he didn’t go far enough into the woods though, because everyone could still hear him.
Muc is a great drummer, and I believe one day with a lot of practice he'll be a great trumpet player as well.
We went out for an apple juice, and later he asked if I would accompany him on guitar for a new version of the Coconut Biscuits Jingle he's been working on for Radio T.I.N.Y.

Tuesday, June 21

Summer is here! The sun is shining, and everyone is smiling.
I am happy to report that I solved a mystery last night. I discovered what that strange sound was.
Last night, Essi and I brought a picnic dinner into the woods before the sun went down. We sat on a large rock, and listened very carefully as we ate our rose petal sandwiches. As the sun went down, we heard crickets, and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. It was getting dark, and there were many shadows in the forest. Then the noise began! We turned around and saw a dark figure between the trees. It looked like some kind of creature, with a thin body, and a large beak. The sound was very loud. Essi described it as "very unpleasant." She plugged her ears. Just then, Philip came, flying through the woods to meet us. His firefly light shone on the shadowy figure, and revealed that the noisy figure was our friend Muc The Worm blowing into a trumpet.

Monday, June 20
I heard that sound again! The high-pitched sound.
Essi and I had been playing badminton until the sun went down. The noise came from the woods, and Essi heard it too. We couldn't decide if it was a happy sound or a sad sound. Essi wanted to investigate, but I warned her about the mud. She shrugged, and said we would have to be more careful. Philip closed the restaurant early, and joined us, as we entered the forest. Just then, it started to rain, and Philip insisted we turn around. I went back home and soon the sound stopped.
What was that sound? Maybe I'll never find out.

Friday, June 17

Today I had to clean my house. The other night, after my adventure with Philip Firefly, I brought lots of mud into the house. I swept the floor, and then I scrubbed it with a mop. I use water and vinegar, and a bit of soap, to get the floor clean and shiny. Some snails I know live outdoors. They tell me that they prefer to sleep in the fresh air under the beautiful stars. The other advantage is that they never have to mop the floor, or make their beds.

Thursday, June 16

I was a little bit upset today, because I got a bad grade on my math test.
I won't tell you what the grade was, but it starts with the letter D. My teacher said he was disappointed. He said I should try harder next time.
What the teacher didn't realize is that I was very tired today because I didn't sleep well last night. Here's what happened: At midnight, I heard a loud high-pitched noise, and I thought someone might be in trouble.
I rushed over to Firefly's Organic Takeout, and I asked Philip Firefly to join me so I could see who was making the noise. Together we followed a muddy path into the woods. I slipped and got mud all over my shell, and Philip flew down to help me, but he got mud all over himself too. His light was completely covered, and everything became dark. By this time the noise had stopped. I still don't know what it was. We decided we'd better go home, but without Philip's light, it was difficult to see. It took us an hour to find our way out of the woods. When I got home, I needed a bath.

Tuesday, June 14

Essi is very good at math, and sometimes she helps me with my homework.
Essi makes math seem exciting. She says learning math is like learning a second language. It takes a while to understand all the rules, but she says if I work hard, and I don't give up, one day I'll be able to understand the language of mathematics. Muc is studying math as well. He wants to be the first worm to crawl on the moon—that's what he told us—and Essi says that flying to the moon would definitely require mathematics. Muc went underground for a pencil and a calculator, and he showed up in my math class. He sits in the front row.

Thursday, June 9

I kept the book last night, but Essi told me she wanted to keep our scrapbook at her house because she enjoyed looking at all the nice flowers, the stories, and other memorabilia found inside. Muc thought that the scrapbook should stay at his house. I suggested we play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and give the book to the winner. "Rock, Paper, Scissors" is when everyone makes a fist, and counts to three, then chooses either a rock, paper, or scissors. Scissors cuts paper. Rock crushes scissors, and paper covers rock. The first time, we all picked scissors, because making scissors with your fingers is fun. That was a tie game. We counted to three again. I chose paper, Essi chose rock, and Muc chose scissors. I thought we all won that game, but Essi said that we all lost. Then Muc had a great idea. He said that we should give the book to Essi's grandmother, Betty. That way we can look at it whenever we go for a visit. Well, we brought the book to Betty, and this made her happy.

Wednesday, June 8

Scrapbooking is fun. Essi and I finished gluing things into the book. Muc couldn't make it because he was busy helping Sam Perfect look for a new house. We ran into Muc and Sam later, and we all looked through the scrapbook. Inside we have pictures, and souvenirs that we brought back from our trip. Mostly plants and flowers because they were light and easy to carry. We didn't bring back any rocks. Rocks are very heavy.


Tuesday, June 7

Oh Boy! What a great way to tell my friends what I'm doing. Everyday I will write a short note on pinecone paper, and deliver it to Maggie Moth.
Maggie Moth likes to stay up really late, and she always hangs out near these big bright lights, where she can communicate with people from all over the world. It seems magical to me, but Maggie doesn't make a big deal out of it.

After I spoke with Maggie Moth, I was hoping something exciting would happen for my first blog. Unfortunately nothing exciting did happen—sometimes Tiny Village is like that. That's okay, because I made my own fun. I invited Essi Snail, and Muc the Worm over to my house, and we made a scrapbook about our trip up Large Large Mountain. Essi says her arms are still a bit sore from that trip.
I didn't have very much food to offer them, so I ordered some spicy vegetables from Firefly's Organic Takeout. We're all eating very well these days.


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